Tuesday, March 29, 2005

You Write the Blog

Okay, so if I only have time for one entry over the next day or so, should it be:
Feeding Celeste (45.83%)
The Garden (10.42%)
My Giant Bruise (31.25%)
Something Baseball Related (2.08%)
\^/38 633|< 5+├╝ph (6.25%)
Culling the Wine Cellar (4.17%)

Current results (48 votes)
Chicago rules are in effect. Vote early and often. All votes welcomed: Regular readers (both of you!), lurkers, random arrivals from Google ...

[Update: (31 March; 7:45 p.m.) Okay with "My Giant Bruise" blogged above, I'm putting the final(ish) results above. I don't think Web Poll Central will let me close the poll, so people can still vote, but it won't do much good.]

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