Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Where Do They Make Balloons?

I can't decide if They Might Be Giants are evil, geniuses, or evil geniuses. We have all three of their children's albums now, and they are fun but insanely infectious. Thankfully, I have purged "In the Middle, In the Middle, In the Middle" from my brain (at least I had until I typed that), but I am currently plagued by "Where Do They Make Balloons?" [video] (both from No!). Last night, I found myself whistling that song over and over and over again.

With that stuck in my mind (and because we were looking at the map to figure out if we do go to Evelin's cousin's wedding in Montana this summer where else we might try to visit with a not-quite-year-old), I figured I should look at the World66 maps to see where I've been.

Thus far:

Map of the World

4% of the world (10 countries) — although that counts the United Kingdom as one country (the Europe map below counts it as up to four) and it counts French Guiana as a seperate country instead of as an overseas d├ępartement/r├ęgion.

Map of the United States

60% of the United States (31 states) — but if we do go to Montana, we'd probably try to add at least Wyoming and maybe Idaho or a Dakota to the list, too ... I did not count states where I never left the airport during a layover; if I did count those, I'd get to add Colorado, Missiouri, and Ohio.

Map of Canada

38% of Canada (5 provinces)

Map of Europe

15% of Europe (8 nations)

It looks like I still need to get a few places.

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enjanerd said...

Came across this article today and I have no idea if it applies to the fussiness you've been experiencing with Celeste, but figured it might at least be an interesting read:


T. Carter said...

Thanks Enjanerd, but it'd be really weird for this to be colic. Usually that passes by 3 or 4 months; so she'd should have outgrown it if that were the case.

Evelin's thinking it might be because she's overtired. Another thought is night terrors of somesort.

Her six-month check up (and jabs) is this afternoon, so we'll be asking the doctor what he thinks ...

Thanks for the article!

enjanerd said...

Yeah, it didn't really sound like their description of colic, since she seems to be fussy sporadically at night. The method for calming babies might still work though... Just sounded like such a logical explanation. I'm surprised it hasn't been researched before. -j.

T. Carter said...

Yep, it actually does work some. We used to do the shushing and jiggling and things with her and it would work. Now bouncing does work to a degree, but she's a lot heavier and it it only offers relief while the motion is occuring.

Evelin and I were talking in the middle of the night about some of this, and she definately is working each of us differently. The way she reacts to Evelin is totally different from how she reacts to me; she seems to be trying to get the same result (Pick me up!) but she goes about it differently depending upon who's hovering at the edge of the crib...

enjanerd said...

Wow and here I was trying to get you to experiment on your baby. She already has you guys trained! ;)