Monday, March 14, 2005

I am Mark Bellhorn

You scored as Mark Bellhorn. You are Mark Bellhorn! You are extremely quiet, which makes you mysterious. You don't express your emotions a lot or smile, but when you do it can brighten up a person's day! You are also very humble and nice and don't let your talents, as well as looks, go to your head. Ring my Bellhorn!

Mark Bellhorn — 83%
Johnny Damon — 73%
Jason Varitek — 63%
Curt Schilling — 53%
Manny Ramirez — 50%
Theo Epstein — 47%
Kevin Millar — 43%
David Ortiz — 40%

Which Red Sox Player Are You?
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Quiet, moving about under the radar, there in the clutch, yet still king of strike outs ... sounds dead on ...

(via The Red Sox Times)

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