Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oatmeal and Cannibals

We may be able to make Celeste apple sauce and squash purée and other solid foods, but cereal has to come in a box, as best I can tell, so we picked up some Earth's Best Organic Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal a little while ago. (Celeste never really cottoned to their rice cereal, and I can see why, it's pretty bland; the oatmeal at least has a nice oaty taste.) So, after Celeste downed a cube of apples and a cube of acorn squash and was claiming to still be hungry, I decided to mix up some oat cereal for her.

Dear Earth's Best: Can you please make a pourer for the box that doesn't dump a half-cup of oats at once? Twice I ended up with oaty flakes everywhere, but I don't need to worry about trying to figure out if Celeste had one tablespoon or eight of the stuff — three bites in, she decided "this isn't the applely-goodness I was previously enjoying" and she sealed her little food-smeared face against any more whole-grain oats.

Evelin suggested (it was only my third phone call of the afternoon) adding some apple to the oats to see if she'd take it then, but she wasn't reacting when I'd ask if she wanted to EAT, so I decided to skip it and to play with her for a while instead.

She definitely is in a leap/stage/phase of somesort. She's being a little more standoffish and reserved than she was a week or two ago, but you can get some really good laughs and giggles out of her if you work at it. Today, she was really into playing "cannibals and missionaries;" not the logic problem, just the usual nibble on ears and fingers and neck and belly game with lots of grrr, grrrr, grrr soundeffects. She even got into the spirit of things between laughs by chomping down on my fingers and nose.

[ASIDE: I can't believe she has been down for nearly an hour. This is two long naps this afternoon, and she has only had the solids and one bottle; we figured she'd have three bottles before Evelin got home. This girl refuses to allow herself to be figured out ...]


Anita said...

Ah, yes. We've become mixers. (and not the good mojito type of mixing)

If Conor isn't too thrilled with what he's eating, we add some applesauce or banana to it. Carrots would probably be good, too.

Once mixed, he will eat it right up.

And thanks for today's comments. I felt sane after reading of your experiences with sleep.

Tonight, of course, he went down within 5 minutes. Go figure!

And I like the idea of a pre-emptive soothie. The NCSS book has mentioned it, but I haven't tried it!!!

Anita said...

And every time I see Cannibals...I think it says Cannibas!!! :-)

T. Carter said...

You know, when I first posted Cannibals I kept glossing it in the headline as Cannibus, too. That's just scary.

T. Carter said...

You know, when I first posted Cannibals I kept glossing it in the headline as Cannibus, too. That's just scary.