Saturday, May 28, 2005

Celeste: Minion of Chaos

I don't remember from my D&D days whether or not alignment is something fixed at birth or if a character develops it over time, but right now, Celeste is definitely either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral. She will not stand for any form of order.

If you dare present her with her stack-up rings on their post, her driving mission is to disassemble them and to toss them every which way. Stack up blocks; they must be knocked down, no matter the cost. Attempt to put the singing animals in their proper slot on the Sparkling Symphony Compose 'n Play Orchestra; all must be destroyed.

This is simply the way it must be for Celeste. We are helpless before her.

(Celeste's too young to take it, but here's an online D&D Alignment Test for those who can type and read. I scored Neutral Good.)


marchenland said...

I'm pretty sure alignment can change over time. People change, so their alignment certainly can, too. I suspect that people mostly grow from chaotic to ordered, although they may grow good or evil, depending on life experiences. What's that quote about being liberal at 20 and conservative at 40? We make the world what we want and then we keep it that way, or try to, so by that definition, we become more ordered over time. In theory, at least. Probably Celeste will have times of stringent order, if Rudyard Kipling is to be believed on the nature of children.

Still, that test is soooo wrong. It put me as chaotic good. That's so wrong, it's not even funny. Chaotic? Yes. Good? In a pig's eye. (Besides, how is one supposed to answer questions about poisoning the king and such, without knowing if the king is just or corrupt?)

Apparently, I need to go practice being evil. No rest for the wicked, I tell ya.

patrick said...

Apparently I am Lawful Neutral. Go figure.