Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Short Hike

Despite being stuck in a lot of traffic thanks to Rolling Thunder, Evelin, Celeste, and I took our first real hike as a family. Sure it was only a mile or so around Theodore Roosevelt Island in the Potomac, but Celeste rode in the Piggyback nicely for almost all of it (as we were getting back to the footbridge — and debating whether or not to hike up the parkway and across the Roosevelt Bridge to watch the dragon boat races — she started crying, leading us to pause at the memorial for a while so she could have some time out of the Piggyback).

We ended up skipping the dragon boat races and headed home via the Beltway, and Celeste spent a good bit of the drive home crying. She might have been hungry or tired of being confined (first in the car, then in the Piggyback, and then in the car again) or who knows what, but she was happier once we got home.

After we got her to sleep for the night, Evelin and I watched The Station Agent, which was really fun and well done. It had lots of humor, pathos, good emotion, excellent acting, ...

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