Friday, May 27, 2005

Long Weekend?

With our weather staying on the cool side for most of the spring, Memorial Day has kind of snuck up on me. We don't usually do anything special for the three-day weekend, but I expect I'll be spending at least a little time with a shovel. Over the past week-and-a-half — between Celeste's illness, a lack of sleep, and the weather — I haven't done anything on the P³, so I need to catch up on things to get back on track.

Celeste is definitely back. Evelin said she had an overall good day: Lots of playing and general happiness, as well as three walks (mostly in the sling because I forgot to take the stroller out of the T.R.U.C.K. where I left it after taking Celeste to the farmers market on Thursday).

Last night she slept pretty well (either that or I was totally out of it because of the Tylenol Allergy and Sinus I took), waking up twice to feed, once for repacification, and then trying to wake up for the day a bit past 5:00 a.m. Okay, that last part wasn't so good, but the rest of the night went well. Evelin said Celeste took only three naps today (for a total of about 234 hours of sleep); that's not so good, but it isn't too far off from what her typical sleep habits.

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