Saturday, May 21, 2005

New Carseat for Celeste

With yesterday's rain, the P³ area seemed a bit on the muddy side to work on (it's hard enough shoveling dry dirt), so my attention was diverted to other parts of the things-to-do list.

First up, to keep pace with Celeste's growth, we pulled her SnugRide bucket out of the car and put in her Britax Roundabout. This follows earlier in the week when we dropped her crib mattress one level; she's not pulling herself up yet, but she is scooting around the crib so we decided to move the mattress rather than waiting for an overly exciting moment ...

Celeste probably isn't up to the weight limit on the SnugRide, but it was getting more and more difficult to get her in/out of it, and we'd already taken to just leaving the bucket in the T.R.U.C.K. She still needs the carseat to be rear-facing, so it'll be a few more months until it's easier to turn and see what Celeste is up to, but the new seat does put her in a bit higher position from which she can look around at the traffic/scenery.

This afternoon, we tried to take a hike (both to get out and to give Celeste a chance to try out the new carseat). She did pretty well until we were about 10 minutes away from Sugarloaf Mountain at which point she started crying. Evelin, who'd moved to the backseat after some earlier fussiness, soothed her some and, as we were getting to the parking area, Celeste nodded off to sleep. So, we turned around and drove home where I got to cut the ogräs.

One bit of fun for Celeste when we got home: Evelin brought her out to watch me cutting the front yard and a neighbor stopped by to chat. While Evelin, M--- and Celeste were talking, two dogs (with walkers) came up. Celeste was interested and so were the dogs (a greyhound and a bloodhound) and they all sniffed one another and Celeste did some gentle petting.

After the carseat and before the attempt at a hike, I spent some time fiddling around on a few things, including taking apart the dishwasher to see if I could get to the source of its leaking. (I think part of the tub and/or door is a little warped, allowing water to spray up and drip out; I made some adjustments to the alignment of the unit, which seem to help some, but it's not perfect. I've already replaced the seal, so maybe I can add some additional (not-manufacturer-intended) gasketry to the door side of things or try to google around for ideas ...)

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