Sunday, May 15, 2005

Take Celeste to a Ballgame

Today Celeste went to her first ballgame, a back-to-back seven-inning Portland Sea Dogs vs. Bowie Baysox doubleheader. It was originally slated to be just one nine-inning game, but they changed the scheduled because Saturday night's game was rained out.

We were in the third row from the field, just to the right of the Sea Dog's dugout, along with the other seven Red Sox/Portland fans in attendance, which gave us a great view of home plate and the infield, as well as the chance to talk a little with some of the Sea Dogs while they were in the on-deck circle.

Celeste started off the game a bit disinterested in what was going on on the field. Evelin had her in a sling and she was looking back into the stadium, making faces at people in the stands. But during the 4th inning, I had her on my knee, facing the field, and she started watching and clapping (unfortunately when Sea Dog's catcher Alberto Concepción grounded into a double play), but by the bottom of the 6th she was tired and cranky. Evelin took her out to the car for the bottom of the 7th, which ended very quickly, and we took a long roundabout way home so that she could sleep in the car for about 90 minutes.

Celeste, in her pink Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions ballcap, cheers on the Portland Sea Dogs.

The game itself had some nice moments, starting with Dustin Pedroia's solo home run in the top of the 1st and his stolen base in the 4th, as well as Concepción turning a double play in the 4th. I can't imagine Pedroia is going to be playing AA ball next year ...

Top prospect Hanley Ramírez, however, was a bit disappointing; he had one good hit and some sloppy play on the field. In the 6th, Jared Sandberg had an embarrassing moment when he missed a fly ball at the warning track and ended up catching his shoelace or foot in the outfield field; he couldn't get up or pull away from the wall and ended up giving up a triple to Tripper Johnson.

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