Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Feeling Better

While not out of the woods, I think Celeste is feeling better. This morning, Evelin took her temperature and she was 99.4°F, but she climbed back up to 101.2°F around noon, so she got a fresh dose of Infant's Motrin. Once I got home, even though she'd had a good bit of sleep earlier in the morning, Celeste was ready for a nap. By 1:15 p.m., she was asleep in my arms and stayed that way for about 45 minutes. I dozed some, too, but with my arm falling asleep, I tried to move her to her crib. That woke her up, so we moved back to the chair where we both slept (her more than me) for another hour.

[ASIDE: Getting the Ektorp was a much better decision than a glider — I can't imagine both of us napping in a glider the way we can in the Ektorp.]

Afterwards, she took a bottle and we played for a while. She is getting really good a high fives, and is apparently studying !Xũ or some other Khoisan language while Evelin and I aren't around. Over the past week, she's really kicked up the click consonants. She seems to have the postalveolar click (!) and bilabial click (ʘ) down, but is having trouble with her palatal clicks (ǂ). She's also starting to babble more (non-click) consonants, so we could soon be hearing something closer to English (or Spanish, French or Japanese, if the Babbler is doing its job) ...

Just before bedtime, her temp was actually below normal (97.1°F) an hour after the Motrin would have worn off. She had been sitting around in just a onesie after her bath, so I may have chilled her a little bit. Evelin put some pyjamas on her for bed (we've been leaving her dressed on the cool side because of the fever), so I guess we'll see how warm she is when she wakes for a feeding later tonight ...

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