Friday, May 20, 2005

P³ Photos

Not to get all Flickr about it or anything, but I have been meaning to post a picture or two of the Pond/Patio Project.

I can't seem to find any pics of the pre-destruction patio, but here is a (slightly blurry) pic of the pond circa summer 2001:

The Pond, Summer 2001

Note the bits of slate that rim the pond: Evelin always hated those.

The first step in the P³, sensibly enough, was to drain the pond, which was accomplished by running a hose in the backyard and starting up a siphon. The next morning, the water was mostly gone and I had to take out the plants, which was followed by cutting out the liner (all of this has been gone over before). What was left was a big, pond-shaped hole in the ground:

Empty Pond

The next step was to start work on the patio — moving furniture, pulling up pavers, taking out the top course of timbers, etc. — to get at all the dirt that lay below. Once the dirt was exposed, the shoveling began. Here is a pic of the patio as of Saturday

Partially Deconstructed Patio/Partially Constructed Trash Pile

In the foreground are the timbers and some other P³-related detritus that will eventually need to be hauled away.

What has me worried, as one can see from the photo, the patio is at best two-fifths deconstructed, but here is the pond

Mostly Filled Pond

There's room for some more dirt, and today's rain will help compact things and get the dirt to settle even more, but there's a lot more dirt under the patio, or to express it mathematically:
I figure there's going to be lots of dirt left over to spread in various places throughout the yard or maybe I can put up the equivalent of a "Free Fill Dirt" sign on Freecycle ...

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