Monday, May 23, 2005

We're Contagious!

After a long, but not too long, wait at the pediatricians, we found out that Celeste has a sore throat (which explains the lowered interest in solids) the etiology of which is probably viral in nature. Fifths disease was ruled out based on the lack of a lacey rash, and a quick swab test ruled out strep throat.

So, this means we could be dealing with/watching Celeste's fever for a few more days. (In fact, she's still considered contagious until she's had 24 hours of constantly normal temperatures.) We can use the Infant's Motrin to help relieve pain/fever and are to offer cold foods (peach-sicle, apple-sicle, etc.) along with lots of liquids. Hopefully, her system will burn it away in a few days ...

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