Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Once, Fish Lived Here

Well, there was a bit of a frustrated freakout when I realized there is no way we'll be able to just spread all that dirt around this weekend, but part of the P³ has reached completion. On Monday, what was once the pond was seeded, watered, and covered with a protective layer of hay.

As for the rest of the project (do I officially change the name from P³ to P² or should I call it P³-P?), I removed a few more timbers, found a subterranean course of timbers, got quite frustrated, and then did a lot of talking with Evelin and we think we have an idea for the size/shape of what will eventually be built.

Now, like a bit of topiary, I think I will try to carve away the dirt that doesn't fit that eventual structure and see what happens. There is a low part of the upper garden that will be able to take some of the dirt. The rest maybe will be shifted into part of the area recently uncovered but that will be below the structure yet to be designed.

Is it obvious I'm winging this?

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