Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Aliens Visited Quinn

At the doctor's appointment on Tuesday, Evelin noticed a few small marks at the top of Quinn's head that she hadn't recalled seeing before. She mentioned it to the doctor and he moved in to take a look: "Oh, that's where they put the probe," he said very matter of factly.

Our pediatrician is a bit of a joker. He tends to be very funny, so I immediately thought he was talking about the aliens and said "I thought they usually probed people behind the ear."

Now it was the doctor's turn to look at me like I was crazy ... until I said, "You know, the aliens."

Turns out he wasn't making a joke. Apparently hospitals often attach a small probe to the top of a newborn's skull to monitor vital signs, etc., but since Quinn spent no time in hospital, that didn't happen to her. Probably she managed to scratch herself with one of her wickedly sharp nails ...

Quinn: Day 5

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Pille said...

She's a cutie - whether scratched by aliens or not:)