Monday, April 03, 2006

Tall Tales of Tomato Sauce

Celeste loves books to the point where we can't have a post-bath, pre-bed book with her because it riles her up and makes it difficult for her to get to sleep. For the past two nights, she's been demanding books during her pre-bed quiet time, but I was able to ameliorate her concerns by offering her a story.

Upon occasion, I can manage a decent story, but I'm not a natural storyteller. So I let Celeste help direct the story, something she seems to enjoy. This evening a little girl, Celeste, and her friend, Tim, went to eat noodles and then to the park where they ran after a dog and got big dog kisses.

Last night, the story was much more interesting.

Celeste and her friend, Celeste, went picking apples. While Celeste (the friend) was up in a tree looking at a bird, Tim the bear came up and wanted to eat some apples. Celeste and Celeste (the friend) and Tim made an apple pie, but the Dee Dee bear and a dog came over and said they wanted tomato pie. Things started to get a bit tense, but then Celeste suggested they have tomato sauce with the apple pie and everyone thought it was grand.

A bit of the backstory: Tim is the bear from Celeste: A Day in the Park; Dee Dee is the stuffed bear Celeste sleeps with; tomato sauce is Celeste's new favorite food. If it has tomatoes or tomato sauce, she'll eat it, which makes it easy to get her to enjoy things like φασολάκια, as well as the ever popular noodles.

The other funny thing is that she realized that tomato sounds like potato, so the sign POTATO has now shifted to become TOMATO, which is okay because she was never as crazy about potatoes as she is about tomatoes.

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