Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Joke

I have a joke I'm trying to get Celeste to play on someone, but she's not completely coöperating. Celeste's friend H---'s nanny, Kh--- is from Georgia — as in the Caucasus, not Atlanta. Kh--- (untransliterated, ხ---) always asks Celeste to say "No" because she thinks the cool detachment Celeste infuses into the word is funny. Pretty much the only word Celeste will say to ხ---) is "no."

So, I explained to Celeste how ხ--- grew up speaking a different language than she does now and that in that language "no" is said "არა" and that it would make for a funny joke that the next time ხ--- asked her to say "no" if instead she said "არა." Celeste agreed that it would be funny, but she's only managed to say something close to არა once or twice (although one of those times was almost perfect with a little roll to the r sound), and every time I ask her what she's going to say next time ხ--- asks her to say "no," Celeste says "no."

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