Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Magic of Food

Most likely, since Evelin was already having regular contractions as we were heading out the door, I can't properly attribute Celeste's early entry into the world to the comida salvadoreña. Still we'll see if tonight's dinner at Samantha's does anything to help kick-start the birthin' process.

We went out with E---, S---, and their little boy H--- (the same H--- whose nanny is ხ---); E--- is also pregnant, and due about two weeks after Evelin is.

I think going out with others made it a bit worse of a restaurant experience for Celeste, not least because H--- really likes Evelin and wanted to sit on her lap or otherwise have some attention. Also, because we got there first and because there were more people and more conversation, it was a longer time in the restaurant than Celeste usually gets.

Still, she was really well behaved — although both Celeste and H--- got really wiggly at one point — and she tried a few new things: plantains and tres leches. She liked the plantains, but really liked the sour cream it was served with. She and H--- both sucked up the tres leches, and I don't blame them — it was the best one I've ever had there.

Actually, for the most part, the food tonight wasn't quite up to the usual standards. My spinach enchiladas were quite good, but Evelin’s Catalan-style shrimp was disappointing (in part because the tomatoes that made up so much of the dish weren't the best). E--- and S--- said they liked their dishes, so I can only assume they were good. I think part of it was that the restaurant was really busy; we were there at 5:30 p.m. and it was already packed. I'm guessing the kitchen was slammed, and they may have been running out of some things early in the night — my enchiladas came with morros y cristianos instead of the usual frijoles refritos and Spanish rice. Still, even on an off night, Samantha's is very good.

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