Saturday, April 22, 2006

PDA Police

Celeste is a bit of a prohibitionist; she really seems to enjoy telling people "No!" Sometimes it's as simple as which book she wants to read; other times it's more involved. For some reason, she continually objects to people holding hands or otherwise touching each other: In one of her books, Elmo and Zoe are jumping rope and holding hands and she always points and says "No no." Similarly, in Tea for Ten, seeing Lottie in Little Hedgehog's lap sets her off.

Therefore, it was no real surprise that during a trip to the grocery store, she objected quite loudly to the teenage couple by the deli counter when the boy slid his arm around the girl. They both jumped when she pointed and yelled "NO!"

In Other News ...

Yesterday we took Quinn to the pediatricians for a follow-up appointment. Not only is her bilirubin level down to 8.0; her weight is up to 8 pounds, 0 ounces. Less than a week and she's already over her birth weight.

Celeste and Quinn

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marchenland said...

Yay for PDA Police. I hope she stays that way.

There's something really wrong in the world when I know more about your life than Andrea knows. REALLY wrong. You should, like, call her or something.

Congrats to you all on the new baby. This is the 2nd time y'all have done that while I was on vacation. Weird.

Natchitoches is all grown up like whoa.