Saturday, April 15, 2006

We're Home!

What a whirlwind. First off, thanks to everyone for the congratulations, מזל־טובֿ, and other well wishes. I'll post more details later, but for now, we're home with Quinn (as per family tradition, Amelia Quinlan gets to go by a form of her middle name until she decides otherwise ... no matter what TSA may think about such things) and Celeste seems interested without being too upset about the new addition. It helps that my folks got here soon after we got home but before Celeste woke up from her nap, so there's lots of confusion and goings on to keep her occupied.

Oh, and for some reason, despite my testing things, the moblogging only worked with the picture; the updates during labor — yes, I tried to live blog the early stages of labor with Evelin's permission/encouragement — for some reason didn't post. Also, several people who were supposed to get the photo via e-mail at the same time it posted to the blog didn't; I think I mistyped the addresses (sorry!).

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Unknown said...

Welcome home!!! Nice you have some help and Celeste will have company!!! E get some rest!!!

KirstenM said...

And I can't see the photo at all... but congratulations!! Can't wait to hear more. Please pass on my congrats to Evelin too (I figure I 'know' her too, since she comments occasionally at my blog:)