Wednesday, April 05, 2006

March Baby? May Baby?

I got caught up working at home last night and didn't get around to posting anything, but we're still a family of 3.94̅ ...

On Friday night, while we were sitting around, Evelin said in a slightly stunned voice: "I really thought we'd have a March baby." Last night, she said, with a slight edge to her voice, "Maybe [gendered pronoun]'ll be a May baby ..."

And, while we have most of the day ahead of us to have a kid with a birthday of 04-05-06, we did miss the 1:02 a.m. chance for an 01:02:03 04-05-06 child.

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Pille said...

No you didn't miss the chance for 01-02-03 04-05-06 baby - you can always do the European trick and claim that it's 4th of May 2006 baby. But then you have to wait for another 4 weeks:)

T. Carter said...

Good point, but I really, really think Evelin would not be excited by that idea!