Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Makin' It Through the Night

Last night wasn't too bad. Celeste slept through after a tantrum-filled bedtime, and Quinn was up to feed thrice, but otherwise slept pretty well. Evelin had Quinn in the crook of her arm for the first part of the night (9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.), but the rest of the evening she stayed in the co-sleeper except when she was feeding.

One place Celeste's anxiety seems to be manifesting itself is in her bath. She's acting the same up until her bum hits the water — getting undressed in her room, putting her clothes in the hamper, running to the bathtub shouting "baaaaath" — but she only spends about 15 seconds in the water before she starts to cry and want out. Hopefully, we'll figure something out (I'm thinking bath crayons or a bus bath toy of somesort) to reinterest her in a full bath before she starts to smell too bad.

Quinn is getting the full exposure to the community. After her doctor's appointment on Monday, we met Celeste (my folks are in town and were watching her) at the library for the end of storytime. Several people came up to Evelin and said we saw Celeste but not you so we were wondering if the baby had arrived ... Last night, the six of us went to Franklin's for a bite to eat. Celeste did really well eating and behaving; Quinn slept thorough everything. During the day, we've had several neighbors and some relatives stop by to visit, too.

Other stuff:

I wouldn't say Quinn has day–night confusion at the moment, but she definitely is most awake/active later in the evening (say 9:00–11:00 p.m.).

Also, her bilirubin levels went down to 14.4, which the doctor liked the look of, but he wants us to come in Friday, which is a week ahead of when her next scheduled appointment would be, for another check. She's eating really well — both breastmilk and a little supplemental formula after most feedings — which should help flush out her system and keep her out of hospital.

Celeste is talking up a storm picking up new spoken words on a daily basis, as well as the occasional new sign. There are very few words that she uses a spoken/signed combination (she uses more combination sign/onomatapaeics, like CAR and "ruuumm"). She's also saying more colors: black, blue, and her favorite color, purple. For some reason, "purple" is one of those words she has to whisper, along with bubble, and Papa (my father's grandparent name, although Celeste, perhaps due to early Red Sox adoration, says "Papi" instead of "Papa").

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