Thursday, April 20, 2006


Since it's April 20th, I guess a 420 allusion is in order, but this has nothing to do with anything illicit.

First: Celeste seems to be growing like a week. Some of it has to do with comparing her with Quinn — after holding one, the other feels like a feather or a stone — but Evelin and I are sure she's had a growth spurt since her sister was born. She seems taller and heavier, but not as bellyful. And the size 4 diapers are fitting better than the size 3 ones again.

Second: My mother showed Celeste how to blow a dandelion clock on Monday (down the street from our house, so Evelin was glad they weren't contributing to our ogräs problem). Tuesday evening, after dinner, Celeste and I were outside, she picked a dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), but instead of blowing she brought the achene up to her mouth and licked it/started to bite it. She had a few of the pappi stuck to her tongue and I had to help her scrape them away. Later that evening, when she was fighting the idea of going to bed, she started complaining about the flower in her mouth ...

Third: Wednesday, while my folks took Celeste to the park and Evelin was occupied with Quinn, I did our first full mow of the season. After two years of little attention due to pregnancy and infancy (and with the prospect of at least one more year of neglect), the weeds have won. There are parts of the yard I can't get away with calling ogräs; they're weeds and pretty much nothing else.

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