Thursday, January 27, 2005

Baby Spit Up My Nose

(important clarification, baby spit not baby spit up)

Since on Tuesday the first feeding for Celeste was a bit rocky, Evelin and I decided to split 8 ounces of milk into three bottles: 2 ounces, 2 ounces, and 4 ounces. The idea was to not spoil a big bottle if Celeste was going to fuss instead of feed.

Well, around 12:20 p.m. or so, Celeste as stirring and probably could have calmed herself down to continue her nap, but Evelin thought she'd sneak in one more feeding before leaving. So Celeste got some milk and I got a baby who was okay playing/talking in her crib for a little while, but she wanted up by a little past 1:00 p.m.

We had some good playing — a little bit of rolling practice, some cheek and finger nibbling, some time on the playmate — until it looked like she was eating her hands more for sustenance than for sport. I set up a 2 ounce bottle and we settled down for a quick feeding. Celeste made short work of that, but didn't seem to be searching for more, so we started playing again.

She was propped against my chest and I was making snuffing noises at her neck, cracking her up, when she shifted her head and tried to latch on to my nose. It was a good attempt, but my nostrils kept her from latching on properly. However those same nostrils were very handy for depositing about a pint of baby slobber. And, of course, I'm laughing so hard that I just stuck the drool in deeper.

After a good sneeze, I asked Celeste if she wanted MORE EAT, MORE MILK. She really looked hard at me, like she knew my hand gestures were supposed to mean something, but she couldn't work it out (or she couldn't work out why I was playing finger games when I should be getting her some MORE MILK to EAT).

The second 2 ounce bottle did the trick; she fell asleep nursing and is now down <touch wood>for at least an hour or two</touch wood>


Anita said...

Verrry funny!!!

We had a head bump thing...very similar and not a big whoop either. And good for teh clarification...I did think baby spit up!! Conor has been sucking on my nose too! And my cheeks. I like to think of those as kisses as opposed to misplaced latching on!

T. Carter said...

I'm sure Conor's are kisses: In this case, I knew I'd given Celeste a small bottle and she was probably still hungry ....