Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Simpid Songs

Okay, so I'll admit I can be a sap sometimes: I tend to like romantic comedies; I can be overly sentimental at times; and there have been a few times I've cried over things. (My mother a while ago reminded me that when I was a kid she once heard me sobbing late at night; I'd been reading past my bedtime and got to the end of Where the Red Fern Grows ...)

So Sunday morning, I'm surfing the Web, seeing if there's anything going on with the Sox and the Hot Stove League, reading blogs, and trying to figure whether I should repair or replace the humidifier. The radio is on in the background, tuned to "Stained Glass Bluegrass" on WAMU(FM). Out of the corner of my ear, I pick up a bit of lyric:
After four years of tryin'
And many nights of cryin'
Well, they said they might as well give up
And one day she started cravin'
Raviolis and raisins
And before too long they were buyin' baby stuff
Due date is January 9
I guess love does it every time
I missed any backannoucing of the title and artist, but found out thanks to some help at The Campground (the BluegrassCountry.org message boards) that it was probably "Love Does It Every Time" from the new Ricky Skaggs CD, Brand New Strings.

(All in all, it's a pretty maudlin song, telling three stories of salvation and answered prayers (the infertility bit is the third story), but I didn't really know that until Monday when I got a hold of the disc. The rest of the album is quite good, mixing old-time stuff with some new pieces that, for the most part, sound old-timey.)

Evelin was upstairs feeding Celeste, and when I went up to tell her about the song, I found myself really choking up thinking about how lucky we were to have Celeste and how I could relate all too well to the lyric.

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