Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Shorter and Shorter Naps

I guess it's a leap or a phase or a growth spurt, but Celeste getting worse about napping. She just went down around 4:25 or so, but before that her only sleep since 11:00-something was 20 minutes around 1:30. And, of course, the worse she naps during the day, the more drawn out nighttime is for her too. But it's not like she's being super grumpy. She is a bit short-tempered, but it's more that she doesn't want to sleep because it's time away from Evelin and me. (Which is flattering, but not good for her ...)

This afternoon, for example, I was exhausted and would have loved to have her take a nap, but she protested every time I'd try to put her down. So we sang and danced and played games and read some Dr. Seuss. I got some smiles, one or two little laughs, and a lot of attention, but she was still tired and refusing to sleep. Finally she fell asleep in my arms, but we'll see how long before she wakes.

Adding to the sleep issues is that we decided last night to start scaling back the swaddling. Celeste seems to fall asleep more easily if she's swaddled, but she sleeps better with her arms free. (Part of the problem is that Celeste'll wave her arms around while awake — Evelin describes her as "helicopter girl" — which is distracting for her.)

Oops, she's awake again ... 4:55 p.m.

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