Thursday, January 20, 2005

Quite a Nap

<touch wood>It looks like the leap has been made.</touch wood>

Celeste was been great all day, a lot less grouchy, tons of smiles, and — most impressive of all — a more than two-and-a-half-hour nap! It was a little unexpected, but it worked out well, giving me time to finish installing the humidifier. (I'm not sure it's kicking on the way it should — either that or it's way, way, way quieter than the old one — but <touch wood>nothing seems to be leaking, smoking, or blowing fuses.</touch wood>)

When she finally work up, we had a little playtime followed by her second bottle of the day and then we got to play "Cooking With Celeste" (which isn't quite as interactive as Cooking With Claudine), where I narrate everything I'm doing in the kitchen while making dinner to Celeste who is sitting in her bouncy chair on the floor playing with a whisk. Tonight's meal was Mrs. Thomas's Chili (named for a friend of mine's mother whose recipe I adapted); it's one of those recipes that involves opening a lot of cans — four types of beans, a big tin of tomatoes, a tin of tomato paste — plus chopping up onions, garlic, zucchini, and carrots, so there were a few things to tell her I was doing, but I'm not sure Celeste was all that impressed ...

Evelin got home as we were finishing up, and just as the fussing was starting ("Play with me, daddy! I don't care about learning how to sauté!") so while things finished cooking we had a little playtime before her bath. Now the question is how will she sleep overnight after such a big nap ...

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