Sunday, January 23, 2005

Luck and No Luck

Yesterday's weather system turned out a lot nicer than expected. The "wintry mix" seems to have stayed to the south of us and we got almost entirely snow. Some of it was fluffier than other bits of it, but with a total of 4 inches, I'm glad none of it came down as sleet or freezing rain.

Last year when a big weather event was predicted (Hurricane Isabel), we picked up a couple of movies and ice cream was on a two-for-one sale ... and our power went out and we were without electricity for four days. Needless to say, the movies did us no good and the ice cream melted that time. This go around, we were a lot luckier: no power problems.

So, last night we popped in the first DVD and watched I Was a Male War Bride. Evelin loves the old Cary Grant comedies, but neither us had particularly high hopes for this one when I brought it home. It turned out to be really cute and funny.

So that's the luck side of the equation. The no luck is, as might be expected the humidifier. It isn't working quite right, but I think the problem is in how the thermostat and furnace are wired up (and how the humidistat taps into that), but with anything I did. Of course, that makes it that much more difficult to diagnose/fix because at least I know what I did; it's a bit harder to work through what someone else did, especially with they way they tied back all the cabling. Sigh.

I'll probably try to poke around with the thermostat and the furnace some today to see if I can figure out what's been wired to where, but it's a bit disappointing to find that whenever the humidifier tries to click on the thermostat shuts off entirely.

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