Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Not a New Suit

This morning, I had to go out to a client's site to present the preprint pages for a contract publishing project for a final proof. I've worked with this group before, but the people I'm dealing with this time around are almost all new (plus it's a fairly conservative organization), so I decided I'd better wear a suit.

I work in a casual office — the last major dress-code revision came down a few years ago when torn jeans were barred — so my usual morning dressing routine is finding a T-shirt (short-sleeved for warm days; long-sleeved for cold) and pulling on a pair of jeans. This morning, I had to dig into the back of the closet for a suit. Also (because I had to go by the office to see if there were any changes to the page that happened after I left at noon yesterday and to print out clean color pages), I was trying to do this in the dark so as not to disturb a partially asleep Evelin too much.

Since I don't wear suits very often, I don't have too many. And the ones I do have tend to not fit very well. I bought them either when I was at my heaviest weight or my lowest or when I was in high school or whatever. After starting to put on my tuxedo by mistake, I ended up with the high school suit; it fits well enough (the jacket is a little snug across the shoulders, but not badly so) and is a fairly classic cut, so it doesn't look too out of date or anything. However, it is a tropical-weight wool, which is great for a warm summer day, but not so nice for the middle of winter ...

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