Saturday, January 15, 2005

Celeste Goes to Sweden (Sorta)

Celeste, Evelin, and my mother may have taken a trip to Ikea when she was about a month old, but Evelin can't remember for sure, so we'll consider this morning Celeste's first (or maybe second) post-utero trip to that little bit of Sweden in College Park.

Evelin's been wanting a new bookcase for the upstairs hallway; with the sudden influx of children's books (picture books, board books, parenting books, other books, ...) the waist-high bookshelf that's there is getting overloaded. (The books lined/piled atop it are now standing about chest or shoulders high.) We tooled around for a while and considered either a Markör or Alve unit (not the full system, shown in the link, just the bookshelf part), but in the end decided to keep looking.

What we did end up at the register with was a penguin-shaped Mumsa sippy cup. It's hardly spill-proof when the Hannibal Lecter-style ski mask is removed, but it's so darn cute. (We also thought getting a child-sized Öland chair, but decided to skip it for now.)

Once again, I tried to buy one of the Swedish kids' books (Godnattramsor by Lennart Hellsing, which was nursery rhymes translated from English so I could recognize some of what they were saying) they have as props and, after a few calls to the manager, was denied. I guess if I keep trying, one day they'll let me buy some of those books, right?

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