Saturday, January 29, 2005

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Evelin said
Hellllloooo! I think you need to mention how I saved you from spending lots of money, uttering lots of curses, and generally being a cranky-pants because things were easier than you thought they were....
Okay, this is about the phone wiring: When we moved in to this house so long ago the two upstairs phone outlets didn't work. I figured things were wired for two separate phone lines, and we didn't really stress over it. The cordless phone could go anywhere in the house and that was good enough.

So anyway, once I cleaned up the rat's nest of wiring in the guest room, putting in a junction box so to keep things safe from little fingers that maybe crawling around soon (and from big fingers that used to be able to knock out the phone service while setting up the guest room ...), I still had to replace the jack/outlet in Celeste's room (it was detached from the wall and the wires needed to be tacked back down). I also thought I'd try to bridge the black and green and yellow and red wires at some point in the line to get all the outlets working again. My thinking was that if one line in the house was red-green and the other yellow-black, I could get them all working if red was tied to yellow and green to black.

Before I could put that plan into action, Evelin suggested (okay, insisted) I test the upstairs outlets. Walking around with our non-cordless phone, I tried the jack in the bedroom and in the nursery and both worked. Even the jack in the basement now works.

So that one junction box upstairs fixed all the outlets (actually, a year or two ago, when I did a very half-assed clean up of the wires, they might well have been fixed, but we just never thought to check). I still had to get a new jack/outlet for Celeste's room, however, and since the wires were a bit on the short side, a few curses were uttered ...

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