Saturday, February 07, 2004

3:00 a.m. Phone Calls

I'm at work this morning (it's the time of year that requires lots of uncompensated overtime, ergo no post yesterday), but I'm a bit tired and not just because of the phone call we got a little past 3:00 this morning:
Me: Hello?

Caller: Hey!

Me: Hello?

Caller: ¡La piña!

Me: ¿Que?

Caller: ¡La piña!

Me: ¿La piña?

Caller: ¡Si! ¡La piña!

I hang up the phone.
I asked a Chilean colleague if piña had any context beyond "pineapple," and he couldn't think of anything. However, he did suggest that I was mishearing the guy and that he was saying "la peña" (the cliff), which would explain why he didn't call back after I hung up.

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