Sunday, February 15, 2004

Quick Post Before Heading to the Printer ...

With Evelin's second sonogram on Monday, it's a <drip sarcasm>perfect time</drip sarcasm> for me to be away at a tradeshow. She's promised to call or text me as soon as she can after the appointment, but still I feel guilty and sad about being away at this point in time.

This time, I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina, for just a few days, but it's a busy show with lots of things for me to worry about editorially, even if I'm distracted by the events of the past few days.

Last night, around 9:00 p.m., I took a walk around downtown. Charlotte has a fair amount of public art (at least in the Uptown area) and private art displayed in ways that makes it visible from the street. Especially neat, I thought, was The Green with its signs pointing to different cities to spell out author's names and the brick sculpture of children literally absorbed in a book.

One neat thing in the convention center is how the Charlotte Trolley line runs right through the building. I haven't seen any trains running through the building (actually, I haven't seen the trolley running at all; I think it's a limited schedule, and maybe winter limits it even further), and I'm not sure if the line is active this far or not yet. I can't tell from the map on the trolley website.

It is neat, however, that the trolley is run as a volunteer, nonprofit thing. That's not a solution for a serious public transit initiative, but as something to help ease congestion before/after Panthers games and to add the sights and sounds of a trolley to the cityscape (sort of like the National Capital Trolley Museum in Maryland, but actually in the city) it's pretty cool.

That walk looks like it was the extent of my free time: It's all days in the convention center followed by nights at the printer and then out of here ... assuming the snows don't hit too hard. Actually, if the planes don't fly, I think I'd have to rent a car to get back up to Evelin as quickly as possible.

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