Thursday, February 19, 2004

Stupid Internet Toys


Weather Loach

Battle Rating

BetaBlaster was found, still alive, lodged in the throat of a dead man

Can your fishy beat BetaBlaster ?
Okay, I ran into this game from Gremkin via Less Than Nothing; it's both really silly, and pretty funny.

You make up a name and BattleFishies generates a BattleFishy. Put your BattleFishy's name in the input box of any other BattleFishy, hit "submit," and, voilĂ , you find out which fishy is the toughest. Or as BattleFishies phrases it
Two fishies clash.
The Aquarium is too small.
There can be only one!
If you want to test it out, see how PsychoSwimmer stacks up against BetaBlaster.

I don't know if there is anything to be read into this or not, but the BattleFishy named George W Bush beats BattleFishies named John Kerry and John Edwards easily, but against BattleFishy Howard Dean, it is a tie.


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