Friday, February 13, 2004

Uncharted Waters

I have no idea what to say. Not only is Evelin pregnant. Not only could we see a little fetus. We saw the heartbeat. (Okay, Evelin saw the heartbeat; the ultrasound tech, doctor, and nurse saw the heartbeat; I think I saw the heartbeat, but I could have been looking at something else). 127 bpm. And we have a little fuzzy picture.

The doctor thought about 6 to 6.5 weeks, based on size (about 6 cm). Evelin will go back in on Monday for a second ultrasound, which will help figure out gestation, due date, etc. No evidence of twins or higher-order multiples.

We are sailing uncharted waters at this point. We've never had a β-hCG > 700 before this, and we've never seen anything on an ultrasound before, much less a heartbeat.

I'm a wee bit stunned.

However, given our history and the multiple problems that showed up during our IVF cycle, we know there could still be problems. That will probably stick in the back of our mind for a while. But, right now, it's big smiles all around.

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