Friday, February 20, 2004

I Want My Baby Bok, Baby Bok Choy*

I don't know if she was involved in insider trading or not, and while some of her ideas are just too much for my tastes, Martha Stewart does have some good recipes.

The March issue of Living has an article on Asian greens that included a tasty looking recipe for baby bok choy in a ginger and garlic sauce (not online at this point). It was dead simple and a good source of folic acid for Evelin, so we gave it a go.

Basically, the baby bok choy were halved, soaked, and then boiled for about 6 minutes. At the same time, thin slices of garlic and minced ginger were sautéed in sesame oil until soft. To the oil-garlic-ginger mixture, tamari and oyster sauce (Oriental Supermarket in Arlington had a vegetarian oyster sauce, thankfully) were added. Once the sauce was heated through, the drained baby bok choy were tossed in the sauce.

The end result was really, really tasty. It didn't make much for a full meal, but it'd be a fine side, maybe for somesort of tofu or served over soba noodles or something.

The only bad thing was the smell of the sesame oil and boiled bok choy lingered in the kitchen for a while, and Evelin's nose (always sensitive) is working overtime right now.

There are several different varieties of bok choy/pak choi (Brassica chinensis), and I'm not really sure what the proper characters would be: 青菜 (qing1cai4, "green vegetables"), 白菜 (bai3cai4, "Chinese cabbage"), 小青菜 (xiao3 qing1cai4, "little green vegetables"), 冬菜 (dong1cai4, "winter vegetables"), or something else.

Switching gears a little, the baby bok choy was grown in Maryland, so it didn't have to travel too far to get to me, and apparently there are a few farms on the Eastern Shore and elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic that specialize in Asian fruits and vegetables.

*Headline blatantly swiped from The Boston Globe.

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