Monday, February 16, 2004

Way Too Distracted

I am way too distracted here, 400-some miles away from Evelin and her ultrasound appointment. Last night at the printer went relatively well, but it goes to show how my mind isn't really with me right now. We had a <kick self>really, really stupid typo</kick self> on the front page that the printer noticed before I did -- to be fair, he was looking at the proof as he was bringing it over to us, but it should have been caught long before that point. At least digital technology makes it quicker, easier, and less costly to correct such blunders but still ...

Last night's big storm warnings turned out to be only a few flakes, but the local news crews are pumping up the possibilities for snow/ice tonight.

Okay, I need to figure out today's layout ... and to stop worrying.

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