Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Doctor's Thoughts

Evelin talked to the geneticist at the fertility clinic this morning, and things aren't much clearer. Basically, he thinks the DFI of 29.2% is close enough to the 30% threshold to be a sign of a problem, but he doesn't think DNA fragmentation could affect the mitotic spindle checkpoint, which is what they think was going wrong with Evelin's eggs based upon the multiple aneuploidies discovered in PGD during our IVF cycle.

At the same time, the three presumably good embryos that graduated from PGD were growing rather slowly (and the cycle didn't result in a pregnancy), so my fragmentation could be an issue there.

The 8% aneuploid sperm rate isn't anything to brag about, but it is just barely (0.3%) above the normal range, so it shouldn't be considered a big deal.

Now, the geneticist is going to talk to the RE and they'll get back to us. So who the heck knows what the recommended course of action will be.

Here is more information about the SCSA test.

Oh, and Evelin found a study showing that no couples with a DFI greater than 27% got pregnant. Follow up surveys/studies did show a chance for those of us with a DFI >27%, but the odds ain't great (and I don't know how many of those ended with a baby vs. a miscarriage).

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