Friday, February 13, 2004

Where's My Squeaky Toy?

First things first, Evelin was a little worried that she came off poorly in yesterday's entry. Not my intent. If anything, it should have illustrated the way she can ignore little stray noises much more successfully than I can.

I tend to need a certain degree of noise to work. I was one of those kids who had to have the stereo on when doing homework, and I still need the radio or some CD playing throughout the day. When it's too quiet, I can't concentrate; instead, the music or whatever creates a wash that I focus on blocking out while simultaneously focusing in on whatever I'm editing or writing.

But this doesn't always work. Some musical styles are harder to block out; the same is true of news/talk programming. Commercial radio is the worst; the discongruity between the adverts and the music is very difficult to focus past, especially considering how long some stopsets are these days.

That's why the idea of hiding the phone and calling it worked better for me than Evelin. She wasn't too concerned about where the noise was coming from. Me, I would be like a dog whose favorite squeaky toy had just been hidden. I HAVE TO FIND IT...

Okay, back to the tenterhooks. The ultrasound is at 10:15. I am at home because my office is too far away to go in for the morning and then come back to Maryland. Evelin is at work. I'll pick her up in an hour or so.

I'm so damn nervous/keyed up … like a dog whose favorite squeaky toy has just been hidden.

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