Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I’m Back

I made it out of Charlotte on a mid-morning flight as snow flurries were blowing around town. There weren't any real worries that the snow, such as it was, could delay the flight, but we were deiced. All in all, the show got quite hectic towards the end, but it wasn't too bad, but I'm very, very glad to be home. (I also had the chance to talk to Anita, even if I didn't get to catch lunch or coffee or something with her and Dave.)

Evelin had her class last night, so I didn't get to see her until after 8:00, but I came home to find on the dining room table Monday's sonogram, the discharge slip from the fertility clinic, and a couple of different prenates. I also found this:

Yes, those are the Hallmark Blushing Bears ("A bear pair with a magnetic attraction…when their noses touch, her cheeks blush! It's Valentine's Day romance sealed with a kiss.") together with a little Boyd's Bear that I bought Evelin while she was at her one and only appointment with the hoemopath.

I'll admit it, I was suckered in by the Cinderella-esque Blushing Bears adverts, so, despite Evelin's ordering me not to get them, I bought the bears for Valentine's Day (and immediately ran outside with the boy-bear to ring the doorbell after giving them to Evelin).

I was too relieved/distracted on Monday to take in all the info from the ultrasound appointment over the phone, but once home Evelin schooled me on everything:

First off, we've been discharged from the fertility clinic. The cool part is the discharge report lists under treatment "spontaneous pregnancy," which has a nice ring to it (spontaneous coming from the Latin [suā] spontĕ, meaning "of [one's] own accord"). We now have to figure out if Evelin's going to work with her regular OB/GYN, or if she'd rather get a referral to one who commonly deals with high-risk pregnancies.

She is getting Lovenox injections as a "just in case" measure, but beyond that there are no special meds.

And the due date is early October, which would mean a Libra (or maybe a Virgo, if he or she is a few weeks early). Not that I really believe in astrology, per se, but it's comforting to see that among the most compatible parents for a Libra child are a Gemini mother and a Leo father. Evelin and I are the opposite of that, but it should still be okay, right?

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