Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dear BabyBjörn ...

... so why don't you have some sort of quick and quiet release for gently dropping a sleeping babe in her crib? As you might guess, at the half-hour point I tried to put Celeste into her bed, and she woke up. Actually, we had some fun play — nibbling on fingers, tickling toes, sticking tongues out at each other — accompanied by some good talking on Celeste's part.

We were trying to hold out until Evelin got home from work, but she was eating both fists pretty hard, so I decided to give her another bottle. This one she took without any problems. When Evelin got home, she was just getting into her bath.

After a quick top up, Evelin is getting her to bed right now. I'm having a bit of scotch: a 12-year-old single malt, The Balvenie DoubleWood (first an oak bourbon barrel followed by an oak sherry barrel). It's quite nice, and I'm thinking it would be a nice one to have more than an airline bottle of; super mellow and rich, a nice hit of wine and oranges with some oak and toffee rising later.


Anonymous said...

I really like your feeding process...bottle for the baby followed with the scotch bottle for daddy. Of course you probably shouldn't do that for every feeding.

Conor used to fuss quite a bit when I tried to bottle him no matter how hungry he was. I have since discovered that we need "special" places for bottle feeding. Not the places where he usually gets nursed. He won't take a bottle where he gets boobed. I had to find special boob-free zones for bottles only.


T. Carter said...

Maybe not every feeding, but surely it can't hurt to have a bottle after every day of watching her by myself ... (and I'm thinking the airline bottle here, or maybe a flask, or something a little bigger like a 750 ml bottle — that can't hurt ...)

Up until yesterday, Celeste seemed to prefer to take a bottle in "the usual place." I tried a couple of places, but none seemed to be better or worse than any other.

I think she might just be getting into a phase of afternoon crankiness, or I was just doing everything wrong yesterday. Or a combination of both.