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Thursday, August 28, 2003

At Least It's Not Raining ... 

Well, it wasn't down to 10, but Evelin's hCG is dropping. The number was down to 365 this morning, so maybe we'll be nearer to 100 on Sunday and out of the woods sometime next week. We also finally got the results of the bloodtest to see how Evelin was responding to the Lovenox; it looks like next time we'll be able to 30 mg instead of 40 mg, which is good.

As for the car, the guys at the garage were giving big props to Hyundai. Apparently they can check out all the parts, recall, service bulletin, etc., info online very easily, which they liked. Plus they gave good marks to the Elantra (and Hyundai in general) for reliability and ease of maintenance, which is good to hear.

Finally, it looks like it'll only be partly cloudy tonight and no rain, so we might be able to get a good look at Mars!

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