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Friday, August 22, 2003


Well, the appointment went about as expected. During the ultrasound, there was no sign of a sac or fetal pole or anything, just a little fluid on the left side, which isn't indicative of anything. The doctor said that, based on when we did the hCG trigger shot, Evelin was calculated to be at 6 weeks, 1 day, which means we should have been able to see a heartbeat if the bean was growing. Blood was drawn so we'll see where the levels are and then figure out what's next.

If the levels are dropping (at a good rate), then we'll probably keep monitoring and let things happen naturally. If they're still increasing, then it probably means an MTX shot to end things and to hurry the miscarriage along, or maybe a D&C, although there is little likelihood of finding tissue that could be tested for abnormalities and it might miss something as we don't know if the embryo is in a tube or somewhere else. *sigh*

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