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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Vacation Dreaming 

We could both use a bit of a vacation. Actually, a six-month (or longer) sabbatical sounds divine, not that I could really fund that, but the idea is so appealing. There's a week in October that looks like it'll fit both of our schedules, or at least it used to look like it. Now we may be in the midst of preparing for IVF around then, so who knows.

Even if we are able to go away for that week, it's unclear where we'd end up. I've been playing with a couple of ideas, but Evelin's not sure which she really feels like doing: Alberta and Montana; Ontario and Québec; the Navajo Nation; Washington state and British Columbia; the Wisconsin cheese, beer, and wine tour. All see to involve a fair amount of driving, which is typical for us ... well for me. I just don't cotton to the go-to-the-beach-and-sit-in-the-sun type of vacation. I want to see multiple things -- natural wonders, historic sites, museums, bookstores, etc. -- and I'd rather go hiking or visit a winery or something. Last year when we went to Scotland, we ended up driving 400-plus miles up from Edinburgh to Tain and then around Loch Ness and through Glen Coe on the way back to Edi with side trips to family grave sites, Pictish ruins, museums, castles, pubs, distilleries and even a winery. And a good chunk of that was on roads a lot smaller than the Interstates and highways we would be using to get around in North America.

But with everything that's going on, Evelin's not sure she feels like flying somewhere just to drive a few hundred miles this year. Probably, we'll wait until after the embryo transfer and then just take a quiet week somewhere nearby, maybe a cabin in the mountains or even a place along the beach ... either way getting away from the office would be nice.

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