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Friday, August 15, 2003

I heard on NPR this morning that they could see the stars last night in New York City. The Great Northeastern Blackout of 2003 didn't reach down to D.C., although the University of Maryland did lose all power for about 20 minutes at the same time everything crashed in New York and Ontario. Evelin is convinced there is a direct link between the two blackouts, but I'm betting it was just a coincidence; after all, they got power back in 20 minutes. New York, for the most part, is still dark this morning. The Globe and Mail has an interesting behind-the-sceens look at how the paper got its Friday issue out despite the loss of power in Toronto; The Washington Post has a similar tale of media copeing with the blackout.

The blackout didn't affect Evelin's brother's flight down from Boston. We picked him and his girlfriend up in Baltimore and then sat around chatting for a while in the evening. Today, they're headed into the city while Evelin goes for a beta and more bloodwork (to see if we need to scale back or up the Lovenox shots). Tonight we may go out for dinner ... I'm hoping everyone else will be interested in Ethiopian, but Lebanese, Indonesian or tapas would work, too.

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