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Friday, August 29, 2003

The Chocolate Arrives 

Wow. It looks like Lindt has a good idea of how much chocolate a person can eat in a quarter. The first shipment of the year’s worth of chocolate that I won. I'm still not sure what I wrote that earned me all the chocolate ... I may need to call to see if they have posted it somewhere or something.

It's quite a haul. The cooler it shipped in was about 18" by 16" by 22", and it was chock full of truffles, wafers, one of just about every bar Lindt makes, baking bits, hot cocoa, hot fudge sauce, and a coffee mug. Even the serious chocoholics in the office are a bit intimidated. The person who sits in the area outside my office just said that all she's hearing whenever anyone comes in is "Wow! Oh my god!"

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