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Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Magic 8 Ball says ... Reply hazy ask again later. This two-week wait thing is getting longer and longer. I woke up at about 3:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Around 5:00 Evelin woke up, took a test and came back to bed. After about 15 minutes, I got up to look at the strip (it seems Evelin was willing to wait longer) and saw a line. Of course, being male, I was looking at the wrong line. But, a bit later, there did look like there was a faint line and a sort of weird diagonal line... We were still using one of the SaveOnTests strips, not the First Response, and (unless Evelin is planning something I'm not privy to) it looks like she won't test again until tomorrow morning or we'll just wait for the blood test on Friday. I think both of us are not feeling optimistic about this cycle at this point; Evelin just doesn't feel the sort of symptoms she felt with her previous pregnancies. I think that could be because of everything she's been doing to build up her constitution and, considering that none of those pregnancies made it to term, different symptoms could be a good thing. Try not to obsess. Try not to obsess. Try not to obsess.

On the car front, we still haven't donated the Mazda to the Kidney Foundation. It started as just keeping it around because it would be handy to have a second car for a series of appointments and stuff and then Evelin's brother thought he might want it (a car would give his bike-messenger business in Boston the ability to deliver large packages further), but after this morning, I'm not sure he really should want it. The sunroof leaks, that we knew. Usually it would just be a few drips and a quarter inch of water in the driver-side well after a heavy rain. This morning, Evelin wanted to use the car to go to her acupuncture appointment. Since it hadn't been driven in about two weeks, I went out to check the fluids and to make sure it would start up. There was some weird corrosion on the battery tie-down strap (none on the terminals, though) and it needed some oil, but it started up as nosily and stinky as always. I decided to take it for a quick spin around the corner to help dissipate the cloud of oil smoke it always gives off when first started and to shake out any rainwater that might be hiding in the roof.

You can guess where this is going.

As I head up the hill, I hear a pretty loud slosh sound and think it sounds weird. As I crest the hill and get to a stop sign (the deluge begins). Three gallons -- at least -- comes crashing down on my head, soaking the passenger and driver's seats. The water continues in drips, dribbles and cascades, all the way downhill and around the corner until I get back onto the incline in front of the house. I need to talk to Evelin's brother about this car. Donating it, I know it may have some utility/value for parts and scrap metal; as a business car, I'm having serious doubts.

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