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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Multistate Car Registration 

Finally, I got the grass cut, or at least half of it. We've been away/distracted/busy/rained upon so much over the past two weeks or so that I haven't cut the grass since 24 July and the yard was beginning to look like one of those scary houses that all the kids avoid when walking home from school. By the time the rain had started, I'd finished the front and side yards and had gotten maybe a sixth of the backyard cut. There's still a bit to go, but maybe there'll be time to cut it this weekend.

Thinking of this weekend, Evelin's brother and his girlfriend fly in tonight to pick up the Mazda. We're not sure what their plans are, although he said something about driving down to southern Virginia to visit his girlfriend's sister. So we're not sure how much we'll see of them or when exactly.

Federalism is a good thing in principle and it seemed to work well in the pre-modern era. But nowadays -- at least when it comes to things automotive -- I would gladly swap the 55 or more department of motor vehicles around the country for a single federal entity. (And they aren't even all DMVs: Maryland has the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), Massachusetts has the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), and there must be other variations out there.) Both the MVA and RMV websites have info on private vehicle sales (although neither makes it easy), but neither makes it easy or very clear about how to handle a private vehicle sale that involves parties from other states. Previously, when I've moved from state to state, the whole register/reregister in the new state and then deregister in the old state process has been a real pain the ass. At least three of the five or six times I've had to go through the process I've hit some snag that involved multiple letters back and forth with the authorities. Hopefully, Evelin's brother has done some looking into things from his side, and we can achieve the legal transfer smoothly.

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