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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Uncle Donald 

I also heard yesterday that my Uncle Donald died Tuesday night. He was the husband of my mother's oldest sister and the one thing that pops immediately into mind was, when I was a kid, he would always greet me and my brother with a handshake. Except, it wasn't a normal handshake; instead, he'd keep the hand caught and wiggle the bottom of our hand causing the pinky knuckles to rub against the ring-finger knuckles it always hurt a little, but was really funny at the same time. I've use the same trick on some little kids and they always know its coming and laugh while still trying desperately to get their hand free ... which is pretty much what I used to do. Since we don't get back to Louisiana every often anymore (and even when we do, we usually don't end up seeing too much of the extended family) it's been a year or so since I last saw Uncle Donald, which I feel bad about, but he had been in poor health and my aunt last night said it was a blessing for him to go so quickly and quietly at home and that he is at peace now....

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