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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Quiet Day 

Well, it's a quiet day. Evelin's brother and his girlfriend now own the car (we hope); all the paperwork has been signed (we hope -- I printed a bunch of forms off the Maryland MVA and the Massachusetts RMV sites, most of them will probably turn out to be unnecessary), and they're off to visit her sister in Richmond before driving back up to Boston. As long as they make it back up there, and the car isn't too far-gone to register in Massachusetts, that'll be good.

We didn't tell them what's going on and, thankfully, they were a bit tired after walking around The Mall and downtown all day yesterday, so we were able to go to bed early instead of sitting around talking. Evelin's doing well right now; things'll start to hit harder when the hormone levels drop and the actually loss begins, but we're sadly too familiar with this now.

I finished cutting the grass this morning and got a haircut and a shave. Evelin's working on some résumés, and we may go see Fellowship of the Ring at the Outdoor Film Festival for NIH Charities tonight. Probably we'll just play things by ear ...

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