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Friday, August 08, 2003

If Elected, I Will Not Serve 

Just a short entry today. We went in for the beta and won't hear from the doctor until this afternoon. The test this morning (I know, we were going to wait for the official numbers, but we figured if we had a definite positive we could ask for the prescription for the heparin and get it right away) was ... not quite inconclusive, but still shy of conclusive. There was a line, but it was really faint. But it was more visible than the previous two test strips. Just a few more hours of waiting, I guess. Oh, and when we were leaving the clinic, we ended up behind a minivan with a "Triplets are Terrific" licenseplate frame. An omen?

Also, I have decided to announce that I will not run for governor in the California recall. Not only am I not a registered voter in California, I think the entire process is quite silly. I urge anyone who was considering voting for me in the recall to first vote no on the question of whether or not to recall Gray Davis, and to then vote for Cruz Bustamante in the event the recall is approved. Or vote for Gary Coleman.

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